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2023-2024 NJNS Board of Directors



Kwame Osei-Agyepong, Essex County College

Hello there! My name is Kwame Osei-Agyepong. I consider it an honour to
serve as the President of the New Jersey Nursing Students Inc. I am
currently enrolled in Essex County College where I am headed towards obtaining
my Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN). It has been a wonderful journey which has taught me so much and continues to bring me closer to my destination of being a nurse.

My first contact with the organization was through a convention in Atlantic
City. I participated as a delegate for my school and was exposed to so many
speakers on different topics, lectures and focus sessions which broadened my
perspective on nursing as a career path. I have always held the belief that great
change and advocacy has humble beginnings. I saw an opportunity to serve my
fellow students by being on the board and I took it.

I have served on student governing bodies in the past as a general secretary
of the Students Representative Council in High School, a member of the editorial
board of the political science students association in Kwame Nkrumah University of
science and technology and I currently hold the position of class president for my
nursing class.

I actively partake in volunteer opportunities whenever they arise and
currently work at a Trauma 1 Center in Newark, NJ as a Patient Care Technician.
It allows me the opportunity to observe great men and women working to save
lives which further strengthens my resolve to see my dream to the very end so I
can be like them.

I enjoy singing (with my croaky voice), cooking and playing games. I am a
believer in the saying; a problem shared is a problem halved. So feel free to come
to me or any of my colleague board members with questions or concerns and we
will do our very best to resolve them if it is within our power to.Hello, fellow New Jersey nursing students! 


First Vice-President



Second Vice-President  


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Victoria Figueroa, Essex County Community College

Hello, my name is Victoria Figueroa, and I am so excited to meet you! Currently, I’m in my third semester of nursing school at Essex County College and I will be serving as the secretary for NJNS. My goal during this term is to help organize and encourage opportunities that spark involvement from other nursing students. There’s beauty in inspiring each other, working towards instilling acts of selflessness and providing quality care to future patients. However, there is strength in innovation and continuing a legacy that aims to shape the future. I believe NJNS encapsulates this, and I feel honored to be a part of that.

Outside of nursing school, some things I enjoy are reading books, going to coffee shops, hiking, yoga, gardening, late night longboarding and taking trips to Hoboken. I’m always down for an adventure and I love meeting new people.

My latest adventure was volunteering as a monitor at NJNS’s 71st annual convention. It was held in Atlantic City, and it was my first time becoming acquainted with this organization. Prior to that, during my first semester, I had only heard about NJNS in passing. While it was something I had always considered, at the time I didn’t fully recognize its value.

This association works well in having duality. It satiates the practical needs of networking with other professionals, instilling guidance, and giving tips/tricks to prepare for the NCLEX. In contrast, it also beats down on the emotional aspect of what it means to be a nurse. You start to understand that it goes beyond earning a degree or working at the bedside. This profession calls you to be an educator, a researcher, and an activist for change.





Pulsebeat Editor / Public Relations Director



Membership/Nominations Director



Health Policy and Advocacy Director



Population and Global Health Director

Meiting Zhou, Essex County Community College


Hello, New Jersey nursing students! I am Meiting Zhou, and honored to serve as the Population and Global Health Director. I am currently in my second semester of the RN program at Essex County College.

The New Jersey Nursing Students (NJNS) were introduced to me through the nursing program. The NJNS Annual Convention afforded me to learn more about the organization. With that knowledge, my interest in serving increased and ultimately encouraged me to join as a board member. My leadership background as a project manager of the NASA Community College
Aerospace Scholars (NCAS) Program strengthens my ability to be part of the organization.

Though the role of a board member is intimidating, my mother’s words of encouragement gave me the foundation to take on such an important role. In addition, I learned that stepping out of my comfort zone while still being myself is an important process for my professional growth. Outside of nursing, I love art and spend my free time drawing, painting, and embroidering. Music and yoga are relaxing to me, especially during stressful times. Although I consider
myself hardworking, I still find time to take care of myself and spend time with family and friends.

I am honored to serve you all as the Population Health and Global Director for 2023-2024. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity. 




Breakthrough to Nursing Director 



Resolutions Director 



Fundraising Director 

Chanikarn Ku, Essex County Community College

Hello to the future nurses of New Jersey! My name is Chanikarn Ku, and I am honored to
serve as the fundraiser director for the New Jersey Nursing Students, Inc. (NJNS) for the 2023-2024 term. Currently, I am in the second semester of my associate degree in nursing at Essex County College. However, outside of my passion for nursing school, I enjoy hiking, camping, gardening, cooking, and traveling. In addition, I’m enamored by different cultures and their diversity. Often I try to take any opportunity to immerse myself in their cuisines and their ways of life.

I discovered the NSNA last semester during a lecture, and it piqued my interest, so I
became a member. It was an unforgettable opportunity as it opened my eyes to what it means to be a part of this selfless profession. In tandem, it made me realize the kind of expectations that are held not just clinically but also in society. I felt moved, and my passion for gaining.
knowledge has now expanded to wanting to support the state of New Jersey.

Prior to being inducted onto the board, I had the opportunity this year to attend the
NJNS’s annual conference. There I served as a volunteer alongside other members and heard
about this position. I feel like this role suits me because, during my senior year of high school, I was the class president, the fundraiser, and the sports day coordinator for 200-300 students.
During my junior year, I also participated as a volunteer in a 10-kilometer marathon for a charity on the island of Samui, Thailand, and received a gold medal.

As a new board member, my primary goal is to lead the annual fundraising planning
process. I intend to produce effective strategies to achieve income targets across a variety of
revenue streams. By doing so, I hope to support other fellow nursing students in becoming more involved and able to enjoy their nursing experience. I look forward to executing my obligations to the best of my ability and contributing to the success of NJNS.

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