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2022-2023 NJNS Board of Directors

LB 2022 Headshot.jpg


Lauren Bedell, Trinitas School of Nursing 

Hello, fellow New Jersey nursing students! My name is Lauren Bedell, and I feel honored and privileged to serve as the newly elected President of the New Jersey Nursing Students Inc. (NJNS). I am currently a student at Trinitas School of Nursing/RWJBarnabas Health, seeking my RN.


I have several goals. I am looking forward to supporting my fellow nursing students in any way I can. It is my hope to reach out to as many organizations, businesses, and individuals that share in our passion for healthcare and helping others to obtain their support for the NJNS.


Additionally, I aspire to grow my network with other New Jersey nursing students and professionals in the nursing community. In addition, I plan to encourage and increase the level of engagement that nursing students have with the NJNS. It is my goal to motivate my peers to increase their professional development skills and leadership skills while upholding the values of our prestigious pre-professional organization.

I first became involved with the NJNS by attending the NJNS Convention and Council of School Participants (COSP) held during the 2021-2022 term. I was motivated and inspired by the commitment, intelligence, and eloquence of the speakers and board members alike. My attendance at this event truly sparked my interest in becoming part of the NJNS because I witnessed first-hand the positive influence the convention had on myself and my peers also in attendance.


I also serve the nursing student community by serving as the Vice President of my school’s Student Nurse Association (SNA), and previously served as an SNA class representative in 2021. I have also held the position of NJNS Fundraising Director for the 2021-2022 term. In addition, I work full-time as a pharmacy technician for the inpatient pharmacy at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. Interacting with patients and healthcare colleagues in the hospital setting has further piqued my interest in nursing. I am particularly interested in critical care nursing.


In addition to nursing, my interests include cooking/baking, reading, and learning about different cultures and languages.


I am really looking forward to collaborating with my fellow board members on upcoming NJNS events. I am optimistic about my future with the NJNS as well as grateful to be a part of an organization dedicated to advocacy and the professional development of our state’s future nurses. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me anytime at

Florencia's headshot.png

First Vice-President

Florencia Favale, Trinitas School of Nursing

Hello, New Jersey nursing students! My name is Florencia Favale, and I am thrilled to serve as the First Vice-President of the New Jersey Nursing Students Inc. (NJNS) for this new term! I am currently a student at Trinitas School of Nursing, dedicating my time and effort into obtaining my RN. I am now a senior, eagerly awaiting graduation and the nursing profession. While I have a mixture of all kinds of emotions, I am very excited to be a step closer to my aspiration.


Throughout my journey in nursing school, I made it my goal to take advantage of every opportunity to be involved and further my education. I was first introduced to NJNS through my nursing school’s Student Nurses Association (SNA), in which I serve as President since my first clinical semester. I have attended the previous two annual NJNS conventions as a delegate representing my nursing school, in which I was able to gain significant insight to improve as a person, a leader, and a future nurse. I have also worked as a nursing tutor for over a year, helping nursing tutees reinforce their knowledge and develop confidence in their abilities. It has become a meaningful part of my educational experience, as I find it so fulfilling to have the opportunity to help others succeed in their goal of joining the profession. 


I hope to bring the leadership and teamwork/collaboration skills I have acquired to NJNS and help create memorable experiences for all students! I believe it is enormously rewarding and essential to form connections as nursing students and become involved in our own community in the profession. We know what each of us is going through better than anyone else! It is undeniably important to lean on one another and find support within each other to keep pushing forward. This is our moment to absorb all the knowledge and skills offered to us, to build a strong foundation to navigate the world of RNs. Our goal is to change lives one patient at a time!


Beyond my passion for nursing, I also enjoy spending time with friends and family. It is nice to have a support group that can be there during stressful times, as well as the good ones. I have always enjoyed being creative and artistic through drawing, writing, and dancing. Recently, I began to develop a love for traveling and learning about different areas and cultures. Most importantly, I love having the opportunities to do things that bring me peace and happiness! 


I hope those of you who are interested are inspired by our words and decide to become involved within our organization. Take advantage of all the opportunities to advance your knowledge and experience to influence the future of healthcare. We are here for you! Please reach out if you have any questions or inquiries that I may assist you with.

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Second Vice-President  


Joelle NJNS bio pic.jpg


Joelle Motley, Rutgers School of Nursing- Camden

Hello, there! My name is Joelle Motley, and I am excited to serve as the 2022- 2023 Secretary for the New Jersey Nursing Students, Inc. (NJNS). I am currently a senior at Rutgers University – Camden, completing my Bachelor of Science in nursing. After serving on the Resolutions Committee for the National Student Nursing Association, Inc. (NSNA) as a committee member and as the Resolutions Chair for two consecutive years, I am delighted to utilize my organizational skills to serve the nursing students of New Jersey.

After developing the courage to step into leadership positions during my Associate Degree in Nursing program at Atlantic Cape Community College. I was a write-in candidate for Vice President of the Student Government Association of Atlantic Cape. Unfortunately, the President could no longer serve the role, which began my first of two Presidential terms. As President of Student Government, I sharpened my leadership skills and learned the power of resilience and community fellowship during the Covid-19 pandemic to benefit the entire student population. As a mature student, who has overcome numerous personal and professional pitfalls in a nursing program and endured a challenging academic program during a global pandemic with uncertain consequences for my intended field, I can not express how leadership positions have benefited my academic pursuits, goals, and personal life.


This year, I aim to grow the NJNS organization by reminding nursing students throughout our beautiful state of the power of support, community, and involvement by visiting campuses and speaking directly to nursing students. Nursing school is challenging and often causes students to withdraw from organizational commitments. I hope that by sharing my experiences, I can help restore the spirit of involvement and encourage my fellow nursing students to “just see what happens” by applying for leadership positions or participating in NJNS boards and activities.


Outside of nursing, I teach yoga, Zumba, and meditation classes. I enjoy playing the violin, gaming, building gaming computer systems, and connecting with people. I am honored and humbled to work amongst such dedicated leaders on this year’s board and can not wait to develop an innovative and engaging COSP experience and convention. Please connect with me using my email: I would love to hear questions, suggestions, and feedback about how to improve your experience as a member of NJNS.

Julia's NJNS headshot.png


Julia Jin, Rutgers School of Nursing

Hi everyone! I am Julia Jin, honored and excited to serve as the Treasurer for the New Jersey Nursing Students, Inc (NJNS). I am currently a sophomore at Rutgers University School of Nursing in New Brunswick, pursuing my Bachelor of Science (BS) in nursing.

My interest in nursing started with my mother, a passionate mother-baby nurse. Her stories of the lives she had touched truly inspired me, and I fell in love with the nursing initiative and its holistic approach to patient care. Her experiences and stories encouraged me to follow her example and become a professional nurse.

NJNS is an organization that was introduced to me by a friend. Ever since then, my curiosity about this organization has grown. Their goal to support nursing students brought inspiration and encouragement to be a member. In addition, the board members' professionalism and respect toward each other strengthen my desire to run for a position.

During high school, I served as a treasurer, and my experience in record keeping affords me to perform the duty as the 2022-2023 NJNS treasurer. My knowledge and experience using excel to maintain NJNS record keeping. Collaboration with the other board members in helping fellow nursing students is something I am excited about. Currently, I work as a medical assistant at a pediatric office, where communication and teamwork are of the utmost importance.

Outside nursing, I enjoy baking, hiking, skiing, playing soccer, and caring for ducks. Above all, I love spending time with friends and family.

I am excited to serve as NJNS Treasurer this year! Don't hesitate to contact me at for any suggestions, questions, or concerns.

Kelly NJNS bio pic.jpg

Pulsebeat Editor / Public Relations Director

Kelly Cheng, Rutgers School of Nursing 

Hello, New Jersey nursing students! My name is Kelly Cheng, and I am honored to serve as the Pulsebeat Editor and Public Relations Director of New Jersey Nursing Students, Inc. (NJNS) for the 2022-2023 term. I am currently a rising sophomore at the Rutgers School of Nursing in New Brunswick pursuing my Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nursing degree. 

During my freshman year, I heard about NJNS through a friend and became interested after learning more about the organization. I was inspired by their goals of helping fellow nursing students reach the goal of becoming successful and insightful nurses. I had the opportunity of attending the NJNS annual convention where I enjoyed engaging with other students and nurses as well as learning more about impactful topics contributing to the nursing career and education. In hopes of expanding my knowledge of nursing outside the classroom and connecting with other passionate nursing students, it encouraged me to become part of the NJNS board. Reflecting on my experiences in high school, I enjoyed school the most when being able to work together with friends and classmates through projects and clubs outside the classroom, which is something I kept in mind while entering college. This has definitely motivated me to become active outside of classes and make the most out of my time as a nursing student. As a new board member, my goal is to improve student engagement and to help fellow nursing students become more involved and enjoy their nursing experience outside of the classroom. I look forward to doing my best to execute my responsibilities and contribute to making this a great year for NJNS members.


Aside from NJNS, I also enjoy being part of school organizations and expanding my experiences in the healthcare field. I was an active member of the Rutgers School of Nursing (RUSON) Public Relations Committee last year for the RUSON Senate and will serve as the Public Relations Chairperson for the 2022-2023 school year. In addition, I also enjoy working at a pediatrics office. These experiences have helped me grow my passion for nursing and encouraged me to work hard to become the best nurse I can be. With what I have learned through my experiences in these roles, I hope to make the most of this year as a member of the NJNS board. As Public Relations Director and Pulsebeat Editor, my goal is to increase the interest and involvement amongst students and improve NJNS’s social media engagement. 


Outside of nursing, I enjoy cooking, baking, playing tennis, and thrifting. Some of my favorite activities include getting Pitaya bowls with friends, shopping online, visiting flea markets, and going to the movie theater. 


I am excited and grateful to serve you as the Public Relations Director and Pulsebeat Editor. I look forward to working with the other board members and advisors to make this a memorable year for everyone. Feel free to contact me at with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have.

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Membership/Nominations Director


Purandhri headshot njns.jpg

Health Policy and Advocacy Director

Purandhri Prajapati

Hello everyone! My name is Purandhri Prajapati. I am honored to serve as the Health Policy & Advocacy Director of New Jersey Nursing Students, Inc (NJNS). I am a sophomore at Rutgers School of Nursing pursuing my Bachelor of Science (BS) in nursing.

My first experience with NJNS was through attending COSP this year. The speakers who talked about their nursing experiences and found that their presentations had a meaningful impact on me inspired me. Furthermore, the advice given by the speakers encouraged me, even more to pursue this career in nursing. Through this conference, I was exposed to the realities of the healthcare system. It also allowed me to network with other nursing students in New Jersey.

I knew I always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives growing up, which encouraged me to choose a career in nursing. I have volunteered at various hospitals like Centrastate, and Hackensack Meridian shadowed at the doctor’s office and been involved in programs like Medical Explorers and Red Cross. I have seen the individuals surrounding me suffering in pain or an illness throughout my life, and this made me realize how I want to improve the lives of others and see them be healthier.


As a Health Policy & Advocacy Director, I look forward to developing professional skills and networking opportunities to work with other students throughout the state. In addition, I want to work as a team to advocate nursing and have more students be involved in increasing their interest in pursuing nursing. This organization is unique and rewarding because it allows me to collaborate with the other members, and I cannot wait to have memorable experiences with this team!

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please get in touch with me at

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Population and Global Health Director


Alexis NJNS bio pic.jpg

Breakthrough to Nursing Director 

Alexis Chiu, Rutgers School of Nursing

Hello! My name is Alexis Chiu, and I am honored to serve as the NJNS 2022-2023

Breakthrough to Nursing Director. I am currently a sophomore at Rutgers School of Nursing -New Brunswick, completing my Bachelor of Science degree with a certification in Public health in mind. 


My interest in NJNS first started in freshman year at Rutgers through other peers when I initially asked them about what clubs they had joined throughout the year. Although most of my NJNS experience has primarily been online due to the pandemic, I am still excited to grow and gain more experience with my NJNS peers for this upcoming year. My curiosity for nursing had first started through my parents, who both had professions in healthcare and told me about their work

stories after their late-night shifts. I slowly gained more interest in nursing after volunteering at hospitals and participating in Health Occupations Students of America, a club within my high school that supported future health professionals by promoting different healthcare occupations and skills. These two opportunities really helped me see how involved nurses are today, especially during the pandemic, and consequently helped me realize that I wanted to become a

nursing major. Therefore, I applied to become NJNS’s Breakthrough to Nursing Director to further provide prospective nursing students with the similar resources that I had access to. In addition, I also plan to overall promote the various concentrations in nursing to any incoming college students who may be interested in nursing as a potential career path. 


Aside from being a nursing student, I enjoy going out with friends, trying new places to eat, and spending quality time with my pets and family. In addition, some new hobbies I am trying to pursue are learning how to play guitar, creating art, and investing in more plants! 


I am excited and honored to serve you as the upcoming Breakthrough to Nursing Director. Feel free to contact me at with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Sally Weir RSNA copy.jpg

Resolutions Director 

Sally Weir, Rutgers School of Nursing


Hello everyone! My name is Sally Weir, and I am in the accelerated Second-Degree nursing program at Rutgers School of Nursing in Newark. I am excited to serve as the Resolutions Director of New Jersey Nursing Students, Inc (NJNS) for the 2022-2023 term.

This is my first semester becoming involved with New Jersey Nursing Students, Inc. and I am excited to be a part of the organization. I was made aware of NJNS, through my membership with the National Student Nurses’ Association and through my attendance at the NJNS convention. I felt inspired that the organization had the capability of uniting nursing students across the state and shaping them into leaders. For this reason, I decided to run for Resolutions Director and be a part of this uplifting organization. I have a love of getting involved in my community and being an agent of change by bringing attention and creating solutions to communal issues. My goal for this year is to be able to develop a resolution that foster a change that improves the field of nursing.

Over the course of my college career, I have been involved in a leadership position that has made me become a more compassionate and tenacious individual. In addition to my role as a Resolution Director, I also hold the position as the Second-Degree Representative of the Rutgers Student Nurses Association (RSNA). I am also involved in the Second-Degree Student Senate. Overall, I have assisted in multiple nursing related fundraisers at Rutgers, as well as philanthropic events such as Light the Night Walk for Leukemia. Being involved in the nursing school community, has helped me foster a deep connection with my fellow nursing students as well as given me the ability to be adaptable and resilient, as we navigate through the trials of being nursing students, especially during the pandemic.

Outside of nursing school, I enjoy watching documentaries, visiting museums, and finding new places to explore with some of my friends. I am excited to serve as the new Resolutions Director to this year’s board. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding resolutions for this upcoming convention, please feel free to contact me at

NJNS Logo.jpg

Fundraising Director 


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