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The Mentorship Schedule

Meeting #1


Getting to Know Each Other & College Application Process!

Mentors and Mentees will get to know each other and discuss their expectations for the mentorship process.


Mentors will also help Mentees navigate through the general college application process.

Meeting 1.jpg

Meeting #2


Building a Resumé!


Mentors and Mentees will discuss key components to building a resume.  

Meeting 2.jpg

Meeting #3


Different Types of Nursing!


Pairs can explore the different types of nursing and the hundreds of different things one can do with a nursing degree. 

Meeting 3.png

Meeting #4


Stress Management!


Discussions of stress and anxiety can take place with helpful tips on how to manage it. 

Meeting 4.png

Meeting #5


Extracurricular Activities


Information can be shared about the importance of getting involved in groups outside of nursing. 

Meeting 5.png

Meeting #6




Mentors can help their mentees discover the importance of networking.

Meeting 6.png

Meeting #7


Transition into Nursing School!


Pairs can discuss experiences/expectations of transitioning into nursing. school.

Meeting 7.jpg



Wrap Up!


Closing remarks can be made about the overall program. 

Meeting 8.jpg

Above are suggested topics for mentors and mentees. 



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