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Welcome to the New Jersey Nursing Students, Inc. (NJNS) 70th Annual Convention! It is an honor for me to celebrate the nursing profession among a resilient community of students, faculty, and healthcare professionals from across New Jersey. On behalf of the NJNS Board of Directors, I cordially welcome you to our 70th Annual Convention.


This year’s theme “Amplify your Nursing Voice: Pathways to Advocacy,” was inspired by the concept of the nursing voice and advocacy in nursing. We hope that by attending this convention, you can find a platform for your nursing voice and amplify your voice in leveraging and leading a greater difference on the grander scale with pathways of advocacy in nursing. Patient advocacy is an integral part of nursing practice as highlighted in the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics, which states: “The nurse promotes, advocates for, and protects the rights, health, and safety of the patient.” We find it is imperative to use our influential and powerful voice in healthcare in advocating for all types of patients, workplaces, and communities, and our profession.


We wanted to address involvement in advocating for patients who are uninformed about health care policies and their own rights, patients with severe mental illness, and those whose voices are not heard. We hope this convention will offer a chance to learn more about involvement in health care policies and empower our members to take action and care for those who may not receive adequate support in our current healthcare system. We are honored to present both of our keynote speakers, Dr. Bola Fadipe, DNP, APN, FNP-C, and Alexandra Maye, BSN, RN, who will discuss the importance of nursing advocacy and how diversity can positively impact healthcare and the future of patient care.


We have planned an amazing program that will highlight the strength of nursing profession and give you an opportunity to learn outside the traditional, classroom setting. We will have 8 outstanding nurses that will present during our Thursday focus sessions. We will also host a Hurst NCLEX Review session on Test-Taking Strategies on Friday. Additionally, we will offer a House of Delegates meeting which will be open to the general population. At this meeting we aim to vote on bylaws, resolutions, and elect the new NJNS Board of Directors for the 2022 – 2023 term.


This convention experience serves to commemorate nursing excellence, foster professional development, and encourage involvement within professional nursing organizations such as the New Jersey State Nurses Association and New Jersey League for Nursing.


The NJNS convention is not limited to focus sessions but also includes an extensive exhibit hall filled with raffle baskets, potential employers, and representatives from various universities. We will finish the first day with an evening of relaxation during the First Night Game night! Join us to have fun and win prizes! We are hosting the First Night Party in support of animal shelters and encourage donations made payable to our Venmo account (Regina Adams: @NJNS_inc). NJNS will match 100% of all donations made and all proceeds will go towards the Animal Welfare Association.


On behalf of NJNS, I would like to express great appreciation for our attendees’ support and dedication to professional development. I hope our convention provides you with insurmountable knowledge and excitement for your future nursing career. We are extremely grateful to o

ur faculty, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors for their generosity and time. Our convention's success is not possible without your support.


On a final note, I would also like to express my sincerest gratitude to all our hardworking NJNS board members, consultants, and organizational manager, who have dedicated countless hours towards planning this convention.I hope you will all create amazing memories from this year’s convention!


Stay safe and healthy!

Jessica Zheng

President, New Jersey Nursing Students, Inc.

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