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Breakthrough to Nursing Mentorship

New Jersey Nursing Students

A school year program of guidance, advice, tips and tools for your journey into nursing school!


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Enjoy the program!

The goal of this program is to bring prospective nursing students and current nursing students/nurses together from across the state of New Jersey.

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The purpose of this program is to provide mentorship to prospective nursing students who fall into a “minority nursing” category (male, racial minority, LGBTQ+, etc). This program is directed towards senior high school students who have a strong interest in the nursing profession and are looking for information on how to start their (student) nursing career.

How it Works:

Chosen applicants will be paired with a NJNS mentor. Mentors will contact their mentee at least once per month to discuss different topics pertaining to nursing school. This will help both parties learn more about the nursing profession with valuable information that can help them through their journey. 


Click the button below to explore a map of nursing schools in New Jersey!

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Going Virtual:

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all meetings will take place virtually!

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