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Breakthrough to Nursing Projects

2022-2023 Breakthrough to Nursing Project

A school year program of guidance, advice, tips, and tools for those interested in pursuing nursing school! 

Check out the link button below for more details about the BTN Mentorship Program! 

Program Coordinator: 
Alexis Chiu, NJNS Breakthrough to Nursing Director 

2017-2018 BTN PROJECT

2016 - 2017 BTN Project

Breakthrough director post

Breakthrough to Nursing Project 2016-2017


Hi, I’m Alexandra Maye! As the Breakthrough to Nursing (BTN) Director for the 2016-2017 term and enthusiastic Student Nurse and after-school elementary mentor, I chose to focus my presentations on young students in elementary and high school.


The goal of my presentations are to present facts and myths about nursing, help students gain a better understanding of nursing as a career, educate students on the various specialties in nursing, and use my personal educational and travel experiences to give students a real life example of a nursing journey.


The first presentation that I gave was for a group of 40 students in the 21st Century Community Learning Center Summer Camp. I started my presentation with fun facts and trivia, stated the different degrees in nursing, explained the differences between nurses and nurse practitioners, and showed my journey to nursing through a series of pictures. Each picture represented an event that allowed me to realize that I wanted to be a nurse. During the presentation, I found that students in the 9-18 year old age group possess the ability to have their minds and hearts opened to new ways of thinking and career possibilities. Many of students were just beginning to critically think about how they will impact the world around them. Therefore, I believe, the 9-16 year old age group was a great target group to work with to disseminate information about the nursing field. The ultimate message in my presentations is to impart how important nurses are in the community, nation, and world. Regardless if students decide to be a nurse, they will be reminded that not all superheroes wear capes and that many of our NURSE SUPERHEROES are wearing scrubs and saving the world one patient at a time.


If you are interested in the BTN position at your local school, have any questions, or would like to collaborate on this BTN project, feel free to contact me at


Alexandra Maye

Breakthrough to Nursing Director 2016-2017

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